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When is the right time to start chiropractic treatment during pregnancy?

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Are you currently pregnant and have been considering seeing a Pregnancy Chiropractor but not quite sure when is the right time to start? Let’s answer this commonly asked question.

The short answer is as soon as you feel comfortable to start!

Everyone is different! Regardless of the current stage of your pregnancy, we will always modify treatment to be suitable for you in that moment of time. Let’s cover some considerations during each trimester of pregnancy.

The first trimester

Your body is already going through a lot of hormonal changes in those first 12 weeks so we still normally recommend for you to come in sooner rather than later. However it is ultimately whatever you are comfortable with. There is a really big boost of relaxin- a pregnancy hormone so lower back pain can appear during this trimester even though you might not be showing yet.

The second trimester

This can also be a great time to start as you may start to notice that you are showing more as well. As you and the baby grow your biomechanics of your pelvis and the rest of your body will be changing. To accommodate to different postures as well as walking patterns. This is also be a great time to start because it will allow your pregnancy chiropractor enough time to get your body working as best as possible which will also keep you mobile during your pregnancy. This will also give the baby as much space within the pelvis to hopefully move down into the optimal position by the time you reach the early to middle stage of your third trimester. Definitely start pregnancy chiropractic treatment during this trimester If you can.

The third trimester

This is typically the point during pregnancy where if you have managed to avoid having low back pain, upper back pain, pelvic girdle pain as well as hip discomfort you may start to have these issues arise during this trimester. For most- this is a trimester where you notice your mobility and your walking style change. Regular pregnancy chiropractic treatment can keep you active and moving as well as possible during this trimester which will usually give your baby a great opportunity to engage nicely into the pelvis. Sedentary lifestyle factors can impact positioning negatively therefore want to get you as comfortable as possible also that you will have enough movement and rest in preparation for birthing your baby. Typically we would like to see the baby’s head down into the pelvis by at least 36 weeks so getting treatment leading up to this is very important to make sure that there is a better chance of that happening. Often women wait far too late within their pregnancy to receive chiropractic care. But we would still say better late than never so please still come in if you were in your third trimester and you want to start pregnancy chiropractic care. Also at 36 weeks we will be able to measure you for SRC recovery tights to promote best recovery postpartum.

The fourth trimester

This is a period of time that does not get enough exposure and consideration as we have already birthed baby by this point but in reality our bodies are undergoing a lot of new changes as we start to care, nurse, wash, and feed your baby. This will increase the strain on our upper and lower back as well as our neck so we highly recommend that postnatal care is there to support this transition. We will also be able to provide you feeding support.

In summary

As soon as you think you are comfortable having chiropractic care during your pregnancy is the right time to start. Treatment will always be based on what is safe and gentle for you.

Patients receiving regular chiropractic treatment during pregnancy report to have better birthing outcomes. Make sure that you still see a pregnancy chiropractor regularly during your pregnancy and start when you feel most comfortable. Your body will thank you later!

If you have any specific questions as to whether pregnancy chiropractic care would be of benefit to you please call the clinic on 0407 992 119 or send us an email at


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