Meet the Team!

Chiropractor for pregnancy and babies

Dr Amy Norman is our Founding Chiropractor offering Dynamic Treatments for our wonderful Pregnancy care, Paediatric Care and young families that want to keep active!

Dr Amy always strives to provide top quality, evidence based care when it comes to her patients. Whether it is low back pain, headaches, pregnancy discomfort or treatment of children. When she is not treating you, she is most likely ups killing at work and providing educational content!

She has a toddler, Charlie and a beautiful Dachshund Dax. You will find her most likely with her family near the water when it is warm when she is not at the clinic!

paediatric care Hurstville

You will find Kara providing you with support at the front of the clinic! Her history with Dynamic Chiropractic began when she would look after Dr Amy's daughter Charlie while she was treating patients! As Charlie got older, we knew that Kara's natural gift for looking after children was an asset to our child friendly practice! We just had to have her!


It is quite common to see Kara putting the babies down for a nap after they have received Chiropractic care while their mothers have their consultation with Dr Amy and receive postpartum treatment and care!

Pregnancy care Hurstville

If you come to our Chiropractic Clinic in Hurstville on a Saturday, you will have most likely have met Sheree!


Sheree had her first exposure to Chiropractic when she was experiencing some neck pain and headaches! When we say we are a family run business- we mean it! Sheree is actually the cousin of Dr Amy Norman's husband!


Sheree is a Disney enthusiast and has travelled to many parts of the world.

Her next adventure will be motherhood at the end of this year! She has been receiving Chiropractic treatment during her whole pregnancy and we can not wait to continue supporting her postpartum!