Paediatric Care

We are very privileged to be trusted by many to assess their children in practice. Dr Amy Norman will assess your child for any bio-mechanical issues and commonly addresses concerns such as:

Plagiocephaly (a flat spot on a child's head)

Torticolis (neck stiffness) 

Poor sleep due to pain



Sporting Injuries

Treatment for children is very different to how we would treat adults. Light and low-force techniques are used with Paediatrics- the pressure used on your child's joints are no heavier than what you would place onto your own eyeball!

At times treatment appears to be so light it can look like light massage.

The amazing thing about Chiropractic Care for Children is that they often do not need too much treatment to get great results. 

"A little work, early on goes a long way when it comes to treating children with Chiropractic care!" 

Dynamic Chiropractic (NSW) is proudly a child friendly practice. If you ever need to bring your child in while you have an appointment we are always accomodating and have set up a kids corner for them. Alternatively our friendly reception staff will help settle your babies wile you have your appointment also!

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