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Breastfeeding awareness week!

It was #breastfeedingawareness week so I wanted to give you some food for thought! 96% of women start with breastfeeding but by 5 months that drops down to 15%.

Women are often not provided enough support from health professionals, partners, family and society as well as given enough resources to make educated decisions as to whether or not they want to persist. Common myths include “you either have a supply or you don’t” or “Breastfeeding should never be hard or uncomfortable- or you are doing something wrong.” Ultimately- it’s the support that is going to help women breastfeed for longer should they choose.

We have many women wanting to give breastfeeding a go but are not sure about a few things so here are some resources!

1800 MUM 2 MUM (1800 686 268) is a helpline that is completely free and available 24/7, unsure about anything give them a call.

If you are worried about medications or exposures and breastfeeding there is the Mothersafe telephone service! I used mothersafe when I was wanting more info on my medications and can vouch for this service.

Also another tip is to get midwives and experienced healthcare workers to check your latch if you are in hospital. You might be shown little tricks here and there that may make a difference! Finally…. I will always be here to help you as well if you need!

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