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Neurorehab Appe


This is a great app that will be able to recommend specific "brain-games" to help improve your brain function. They will also give you a comparison with your performance versus other people your age!

Labor Signs App

Labor Signs

This is an app that measures your contraction times. It will tell you the duration and frequency of the contractions and whether you are experiencing active labor.

Squeezy App Logo


This app will guide you through some pelvic floor activation exercises with different speeds you can select as well as provide information and some basics to get you started. Everyone should be doing pelvic floor exercises as this also will help with your core as well!

Smiling mind app

Smiling Mind

This has been designed by psychologists and educators to help bring balance to people's lives. It will go through some guided meditations which would be highly beneficial to many. Deep breathing has been shown to have many health benefits and is something that we recommend to our patients.

Straighten Up App.png

Straighten Up

If you are someone that needs a reminder to have stretch breaks during the day, this could be an option for you. Created by the Australian Chiropractors Association this free app will also walk you through a guided stretch routine!

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