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Tummy Time - Why all the hype?

What is the Tummy time hype all about?

There are many benefits of tummy time including the promotion of motor skill development and the reduction of “flat” spots on the back of babies heads from sleeping on their backs to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Tummy time strengthens the muscles of the neck, arms, legs, shoulders and back. This will also prime bub to be able to eventually roll, sit, crawl and walk eventually!

Try incorporating tummy time after a nappy change, nap or after bath time. You can even start newborn tummy time by having them lie on your chest with their neck supported! After starting with a few sessions a day of a few minutes you will be able to increase the time bub spends lying prone.

A trick when they are a touch older is to give them something they are interested in to look at, reach out to and play with while on their tummy.

All babies are different so make sure you supervise them and cater tummy time to their needs and interests as they grow!

If you notice that your baby is having a hard time during tummy time, consider bringing them in to see Dr Amy Norman for a Chiropractic Assessment.

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