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Sitting positions to avoid during pregnancy!

Pelvic girdle pain and low back pain during pregnancy is a very common issue during pregnancy. How we sit during pregnancy is a big factor that can influence how we feel during pregnancy. This can help improve space within your pelvis so that your baby can get into a good position, it will also help with birth! Let's discuss some easy ways to improve pregnancy posture when sitting and things you should avoid especially when pregnant and to help with pregnancy pain

We are often asked for our thoughts on:

Does sitting position affect baby?

How to sit during pregnancy

Comfortable sitting positions during pregnancy

Sitting cross legged during pregnancy- the impacts on your body and baby

Does sitting positions affect baby?

Yes! So let’s talk about why sitting posture is important during pregnancy!

Sitting posture can affect how we feel during pregnancy and determine how much space your baby has to get in an ideal position for birth. Even if you are planning to have a Cesarean birth, your baby’s position can still create hip pain and low back pain during pregnancy as well as influence things like pelvic girdle pain and round ligament pain during pregnancy.

How to sit during pregnancy

There are a few recommendations we make to help you sit comfortably during pregnancy.

The main tip is to sit with your hips HIGHER than your knees! This will dramatically increase the available space for your growing baby as well as reduce hip pain during pregnancy. Round ligament pain during pregnancy is a discomfort you may feel in your lower abdomen, it may be sharp and irritated when you turn in bed. By sitting with your bottom elevated is going to help reduce pressure on that area as well. Your pregnancy Chiropractor Dr Amy will be able to also help relieve some of that tension and tightness to help round ligament pain during pregnancy. Here is an example of how to sit during pregnancy:

The second tip is try not to slump over your bump! More common than not we slump our upper half of our body over our bump, especially when we sit. By doing this we are limiting the space baby has to move and grow this can add to upper back pain during pregnancy. Pregnancy Chiropractic treatment would also aim to increase joint movement in your upper back which your body will thank you for! You can make an appointment with Dr Amy here.

A third tip is have adequate lumbar support. You can use a folded towel to help get your hips at an ideal angle as pictured below. Once you are seated, roll up a second towel and place it in the lower groove of your back. This will help with lower back pain during pregnancy.

Comfortable sitting positions during pregnancy

Reduce reclining backwards from about 30 weeks! This is so that you are least likely to have a breech or posterior positioned baby. Having your baby’s head down isn’t the only goal as the direction they face and where their spine is can make such a difference to your comfort and birthing options! Here are some pictures for getting into a good position for you and your baby!

Using a gym ball is another great option for comfortable sitting during pregnancy- plus a handy resource for when you are experiencing early stages of labour. If positioning seems like a possible issue for you, or pregnancy is creating discomfort for you it is recommended to book an appointment with Dr Amy Norman- Pregnancy Chiropractor located in Hurstville by clicking the link here.

Sitting cross legged during pregnancy- the impacts on your body and baby

Try your best to avoid sitting cross legged especially during pregnancy! This can create an imbalance with the joints and ligaments that hold and grow with your uterus. As your baby grows you want as much even space as possible to allow for optimal positioning for birth as well. If crossing your legs has always been a habit, it may also be worthwhile to have an assessment and consultation with Dr Amy, she will be able to have at look at your pelvic alignment and other factors that can improve low back, hip, pelvic girdle, upper back and neck pain during pregnancy.

Dr Amy Norman is a female, family friendly Pregnancy Chiropractor. She is also a qualified Aquanatal Instructor providing pregnancy safe aquatic exercise. Bookings for Aquanatal classes can be found in the group session bookings located here.

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