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Realistic Goal Setting!

Just like that we have returned to the daily grind! We often discuss realistic goal setting when it comes to patients and recovery but the principles are still great to use when it comes to any goal that we have. The start of the year is often a time that we generally set our plans, intentions and resolutions for the year ahead. If this is something that sounds familiar, are you sure that the goals are realistic for you or do they tend to set you up for failure and disappointment? We definitely want to avoid the latter so we are going to go through things we look at when making realistic and attainable goals!

Be SMART- you might hear about SMART goal setting but what does that even mean? It is an acronym that highlights 5 components that should come into mind when we create our goals.

S- Specific. What exactly do you plan to achieve?

M- Measurable. When and how do we monitor progress?

A- Attainable. Something that is realistic, slightly challenging, but not too easy.

R- Relevant. Personalise your goal to you and your desired outcome

T- Time based. Set a date for the goal. This will help with tracking and accountability!

What do I personally see in practice when it comes to goal implementation and expectation?

Clinically, I get to see a variety of issues at this time of the year. When we set goals that are not realistic, we don’t achieve them and then we are naturally disappointed! A few things come into play with this trap. The goals are vague, there is no way to measure when the goal is progressing and there is no accountability to achieve that goal. Secondly, a big trap is that the objective is not something that you truly want to achieve and is not relevant to you. A great example is weight loss- the goal could be unrealistic. If the target weight loss is too high, it is not possible to achieve, so we have already failed before giving it a go. Lastly, sometimes that goal has been given to us either by social media, a challenge at a gym or our loved one has created. Progress is progress! Make sure your set smaller goals that work towards your larger goal and this will help us keep accountable and obtain what we want!

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