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What can pregnancy care look like?

I have often received messages about pregnancy care. What is it like? What can it help? Is it safe? Is it gentle? So with some generous permission I have a little glimpse of what some pregnancy care can look like.

Firstly every Chiropractor is different, and not all Chiropractors have the same special interests and treating style so I can only talk about what I do in this instance.

Pregnancy is beautiful, and a big transition for everyone. Patient’s symptoms can sometimes reflect the dual effects of increasing mechanical load as well as hormonal modulation to supporting soft tissues. Each patient will have different goals in treatment but this video is an example of improving balanced motion across the pelvic girdle to support mum and bub. While pregnancy clearly alters our treatment decisions, gentle treatment has a long history of safety and efficacy when applied in a carefully graded fashion. It is about starting conservatively and finding what suits each patient best.

Always feel free to shoot me questions I am always happy to help and support patients through all milestones of their life!

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